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After the Islamic revolution victory in Iran, import of ornamental fishes got forbidden and this caused an appropriate situation for cultivating these types of fishes

In 1979, one of the first cultivation fish farm opened in a space measured 700 meter in Mahallat city. First our focus was on viviparous species but then we faced with so many requests, therefore laying species were added to our productions
For the first time, we started ornamental fish export to neighborhood countries in 2007. We could arrive to our aims about export by presence in exhibition and marketing in these countries

In 2008, we could achieve the first place in variety of cultivating fishes and the second place for number of cultivation in Iran. Export increased up to 140% in 2008 which it is 170% in the second 3 month of 2009
We could found the first ornamental fish exhibition in Mahallat by the help of officers in the department of fisheries. As a result of the exhibition and its conferences, we could arrange to build the first site with 50 production research units












Nowadays, after more than 30 years of our first farm foundation, 50 different species of ornamental fishes are producing in 13 farms and have sold to Iran and other country's clients. Now, we are the biggest exporter of ornamental fishes in Iranand we are trying to expand our trade to all neighborhood and European countries 


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A collection of the beautiful and most diverse freshwater and saltwater fish

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